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Journey of HRSP Origin

Traced back from the history of hair transplant origin in Pakistan; the only surgeon working in the field of hair transplant has DR Sajjad Khan with the banner of ILHT (International Laser hair transplant). At that time, he was providing the Hair transplant services to metropolitan city Karachi,  Capital Islamabad and Lahore consecutively.

In early 2000, Dr.Mohammad Humayun Mohmand, Dr.Assad Toor and Dr.Zulfiqar Tunio joined Dr Sajjad  as the hair transplant surgeon and came under the shed ILHT. Eventually, all of the three surgeon mentioned above  got separated after a while and established their own separate clinics. Dr. Mohammad Humayun Mohmand established his clinic in Islamabad, Dr.Asad Toor established his clinic in Lahore and Dr. Zulfiqar Tunio established his own clinic in Karachi.

Later in 2001 and 2002 year, various other professional doctor’s  got involved in the field of hair restoration surgery. Now these names that are acclaimed globally due to their exceptional services in the field which  includes Dr.Moghess Amin (Bahawalpur),  Dr.Nasir Rasheed (Lahore), Dr.Ahmed Chaudary (Lahore), Dr.Waris Anwer (Lahore) and Dr. Rana Irfan.

In the mean time of   2004-2006 years, many more professional got along with the team to contribute and embellish their services in the hair restoration field. Dr.Hanif Saeed (karachi), Dr. Naeem Arshad (Lahore),  Dr. Aneel Raiz (Islamabad), Dr.  M Jawad Chaudary (Gujrat),  Dr. Nadeem Omer (Islamabad), Dr. Muhammad Ahmed (Islamabad) and Dr. Zahid Iqbal (Lahore). Presently, those names are the well known names in the consumer’s  because of their trademark  which is exceptional service.

In 2010; the development of  the  hair restoration surgeon professional team is underway. As other skilled surgeons joined the hands of hair restoration surgeons. Namely, Dr. Ehsan (Lahore), Dr. Faraz (Lahore), Dr. Abdul Aziz (Lahore), Dr. Iqbal Khan ( Karachi), Dr. Zulfiqar Saleem ( Lahore), Dr. Yawar (Lahore)  and Dr. Khawar Nazir ( Lahore).

The 2013 year in HRSP  in which the ideology  of creating a hair restoration society in Pakistan; the subject was discussed.  In the same year; SANTE Pharmaceutical company gathered the hair restoration surgeons in Bangkok on the suggestion by Dr. Hamayun Mohmand. Few of the prominent names  that have been in the Bangkok meeting  is Dr.  Nasir Rasheed (Lahore),  Dr. Waris (Lahore), Dr. Zahid (Lahore) and Dr. Hanif Saeed (Karachi) along with the team of other hair restoration surgeons  respectively.

At this meeting; the agenda of establishing the hair restoration society in Pakistan is formulated. Following the 2013 year; in 2014 huge development has been taken  place  for the consideration of HRSP (Hair restoration society of Pakistan). In order to provide the society framework or basic structure; an official meeting was conducted at the Venue PC Hotel, Lahore on March 2014. At this meeting Dr.Mohammad Humayun Mohmand; one of the renowned and skilled surgeon in the world; highlighted the  reasons and proclaimed the thoughts that why a hair restoration society is needed and required.

The same year, the hair restoration society is entitled with HRSP (Hair restoration society of Pakistan). Afterward the society’s basic infrastructure was created;  eventually Dr.Mohammad Humayun Mohmand was elected the First President of HRSP unanimously to make the society procession actively.

2015, is considered as an achievement year for the  HRSP (Hair restoration society of Pakistan)  members and for the society growth society.  This year the first 3 days scientific conference was organized by the HRSP (Hair restoration society of Pakistan)  on 5-7thJune  at the Venue Pearl Continental Hotel, Bhurband, Murree which is attended by the 160 participants.

Dr. Rana Irfan, member of HRSP (Hair restoration society of Pakistan)  works as the chief organizer of the HRSP 2015 conference under the leadership of the young and enthusiastic President Dr.Mohammad Humayun Mohmand.  In this conference the future plan for the organization has been discussed and the friendly environment is provided to the member  to discuss the different aspects of the hair restoration surgery and procedure.

Not only to the members, but for the growth of the society; many other registered doctor’s from PMDC and other countries are invited to attend the Conference.  All the professional that anticipated in the conference are entitled by CME’s (continuous medical education program) certified by the PMDC (Pakistan Medical Dental Council). This year, the HRSP (Hair restoration society of Pakistan)  society gets legally registered by the SECP (Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan). During this year the society interjects the principle’s and code of conduct for the growth and to maintain the highest ethical and professional standard among the member and the headquarter for the society has been established at  1-B Kohistan Road, F-8/3 Islamabad.