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Brief History of Hair Transplant Pakistan Origin

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Hair transplant first written record  was registered in 181 years ago in 1822 in Wurzburg, Germany;  a medical student named Diffenbach and Professor Dom Unger performed an experimental surgery to treat baldness in humans and animals which turned successful.  Following in the 19th century; the hair bearing skin flaps and graft technique was practiced to treat traumatic alopecia (hair loss due to any injury or burn), but only a few adopt the Professor Unger’s method to specifically treat androgenic alopecia.

Additionally the 19th century doesn’t leave aside the male pattern baldness treatment. At that time a medicine man, which sold nostrums  that applied or rub in the scalp to revive the hair back; Newspaper of  that time carried nostrum advertising that claims to cure every kind of hair loss whether the hair loss came from cancer.  Development of modern hair transplant begins to happen in the era of 1930-1940’s in Japan.

Precisely in 1939, Dr. S. Okuda, Japanese Dermatologist described the use of hair thickness grafts possessed skin from hair presented areas to the area which suffered from hair loss. He treats the traumatic alopecia patients. However, his techniques to treat traction alopecia was quite similar to the technique first reported in 1959; United States,  to treat androgenic alopecia.

n 1940’s and 1950’s; various Japanese surgeon reports successful hair transplant in other body areas, excluding scalp.  In 1959, the   modern surgical technique of hair transplant to treat androgenetic alopecia  start cultivating from the Norman Orentreich, MD.

In this paper the donor dominance and recipient concept is presented to carry out a successful hair transplant. This study represented that the hair transplant in androgenic alopecia totally relies on the dominancy of the donor area. In 1960 and 1950’s researchers published confirming that male pattern baldness is the inherited condition  that can be treated from the hair transplant. The 1959 paper of Dr Orentreic  served as the modern transplantation marked due to its donor and recipient theory that still practiced  by hair transplantation but with modern techniques and improved implementation. 

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