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Hair Restoration Society of Pakistan
Hair Restoration Society of Pakistan (HRSP) is a non-profit, medical association registered with Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC). It has more than 30 full-members performing hair restoration surgery in different cities in Pakistan.

The main objectives are
To standardize the practice of hair restoration in Pakistan.
To formulate the code of conduct for the surgeons,
To make the awareness among the population,
To formulate and coordinate with the government to stop quackery and illogical practice in Pakistan.
To coordinate with the international bodies like ISHRS, AAHRS etc.

Hair Transplant in Pakistan - Background History:

Hair transplant surgery was started in Pakistan in 1999. There were three centres started one each in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. During the next few years other surgeons also entered the field of hair restoration centres in many cities but the three major cities remained the hub for hair transplant for many years. As the surgeons differ in the surgical techniques, a few centres adopted certain trademarks. Although the surgeons used to attend and interact with eachother at national and international conferences/workshops etc, but there was no platform locally available. A pharmaceutical company took the initiative in January 2013 and gathered a few surgeons and assured the cooperation needed to organize such platform for Pakistani surgeons.

So with the efforts of the company and the surgeons, an official national meeting was held in Lahore on 9th March 2014 in which twenty five hair restorative surgeons were given the title of ‘Founder Members’ of the society. The name of the society was agreed to be Hair Restoration Society of Pakistan (HRSP). An adhoc body was formed to prepare the bylaws and other formalities according to the laws of the country.

It included President (Dr Mohammad Humayun Mohmand), Senior Vice President (Dr Zulfiqar H Tunio), Vice President (Dr Mughese Amin), General Secretary (Dr Hanif Saeed), Joint Secretary (Dr Nasir Rashid), Finance Secretary (Dr Waris Anwar). Three regional meetings were held in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi to discuss various issues and to facilitate the coordination. In November 2014, the bylaws were finalizes in “Gujrat” meeting and the first scientific meeting of HRSP was announced. The scientific meeting was held in Bhurban from 5 – 7th June, 2015. About 150 participants attended the conference and 32 presentations were given.

The conference was awarded 16 Hours of Category-1 Credit points and was recognized by Pakistan Medical and Dental Council. A new body of the society was elected for next two years, a board of governors was elected to maintain the standardization. Dr Mohammad Humayun Mohmand was elected as unopposed “President’ of the society due to his contributions in the field of hair restoration surgery. He is a diplomat of ABHRS, the only ‘Fellow’ of ISHRS in Pakistan, member Board of Governors of AAHRS, and member of Orlando Live Surgery Workshops.

The elected office bearers are President (Dr Mohamamd Humayun Mohmand), President Elect (Dr Zulfiqar H Tunio), General Secretary (Dr Nasir Rashid), Joint Secretary (Dr Jawad Choudhary) and Finance Secretary (Dr Ahsan Riaz). The board of governors consists of the chairman (Dr Mohammad Humayun Mohmand) and four members (Dr. Asad S Toor, Dr Nadeem Umar, Dr Naeem Arshad and Dr Tahir Shecikh). At present, there is one Fellow of ISHRS and a few diplomats of ABHRS, as members of HRSP. The next 2nd annual conference is scheduled to be held in Karachi in 2016.