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"Dr. Mohammad Humayun Mohmand" 

Dr. Sanjay vasa

The Hair Restoration Society of Pakistan is a non-profit medical association having best renowned hair transplant doctors & surgeons from every region of Pakistan (Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi). The basic idea behind the proposition of the HRSP (Hair restoration society of Pakistan) is to promote quality hair transplant Pakistan services. The founding members of HRSP are Dr. Mohammad Humayun Mohmand, Dr. Zulfiqar Hussain Tunio, Dr. Asad Toor, Dr. Muhammad Naeem Arshad, Dr. Muhammad Nasir Rashid, Dr. M.Hanif Saeed, Dr. M. Khawar Nazir, Dr. Muhammad Jawad Ch. Dr. Ahsan Riaz, Dr. Waris Anwar, Dr. Rana Irfan, Dr. Fraz Akhtar,  Dr. Aneel Riaz Batalvi, Dr. Zahid Iqbal,  Dr. Ahmed Choudhary, Dr. Muhammad Mughese Amin & Dr. Muhammad Nadeem Umar. The Idea of creating HRSP was conceived  by Dr. Hanif Saeed.

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Brief History of Hair Transplant Pakistan Origin
2 Comments HRSP   (on 22-Jan-2016 09:02 AM)
Hair transplant first written record was registered in 181 years ago in 1822 in Wurzburg, Germany; a medical student named Diffenbach and Professor Dom Unger performed an experimental surgery to treat baldness in humans and animals which turned successful. Following in the 19th century; the hair bearing skin flaps and graft technique was practiced to treat traumatic alopecia (hair loss due to any injury or burn), but only a few adopt the Professor Unger’s method to specifically treat androgenic alopecia.
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